Rizzo Reviews

In the following list of Rizzo Reviews, readers of this Don Lewis Mystery Novel share their feelings after reading this book about Pittsburgh homicide detective Nathan Rizzo.

I have read all your books and find that I can’t put them down. Love the way you mention our hometown people and places. I wondered when you might be doing another one. I love mysteries and these are some of the best!
Well, thanks for sharing your stories with the world and I look forward to your next adventure.
Sharyn (Grill) Hanaway

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your last book Rizzo. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed all of them and am anxiously waiting for your next one to come out. I really enjoy reading your books. Keep them coming.
Karen Langley

As I tell you after reading each of your books, I am such a fan! I have enjoyed all of your books, especially Rizzo. I have your website taped to my computer so I can remember to keep checking your blog for new stories or current things you may have written. I love the Wrinkled Old Man. It reminds me of my Dad. I can’t wait for your next book (rumor is there will be a series) and to see you on TV. Please keep me posted about the date. Thanks so much,

Mr. Lewis:

Hi. I have finished your newest book, Rizzo, and enjoyed it very much. It really holds your attention. I also like the way that you mention local landmarks. You know where they are and it lets you feel connected. Anyway, I enjoyed it very much. Good luck on the next one.
Kathy Stoyer 

Finally had a chance to sit down and read Rizzo this week. Again, you do not disappoint. I read it in three sittings late at night and probably wouldn’t have put it down during the first or second sitting if I didn’t need to get some sleep. I’ve enjoyed each of you novels immensely, but I think this has been my favorite. Congratulations!!!

Wow!! I loved it, especially the Hitchcock ending. I was totally stumped until (deleted) showed up.
Terrific way to bring it all together! I had two pages of characters, but was able to keep them all straight in my head. Thanks, Don.

Last night I finished reading your book “RIZZO” and it was a fun read, a very fun read. It was also extremely well written. I loved Rizzo and the twist and turns. Congratulations. Thanks for the inscription.
Bill, Harrisburg, PA

I finished the book hoping something else would happen that would suggest a prequel/sequel. So many great characters.
Don, Oberlin, Ohio

Thanks for writing such a wonderful book.

Loved the book. Thanks so much. Let us know when the next one will be done.
Suzie, Myrtle Beach, SC

Just finished Rizzo. Obviously the best you have written so far. There was never a dull moment. The setting was fantastic, and you gave each of the characters their own distinct personality, something that is difficult to do. In addition, the plots within the plots made the book very hard to put down. I found a great deal of humor when Sayers was described marching into the courtroom, and all that was missing was Orr piping him in. We have all met someone like that.
Just don’t let Rizzo go back to Pittsburgh. We need him up here.
Bill D., Erie, PA.

I finished the book and it was GREAT. Rizzo is my kind of man. Can’t wait for your next book.
Thanks for writing such a wonderful book.

I LOVED the book, Rizzo. No worries with this book, you nailed it. I was not able to put it down, read it in two nights.
Bonnie, Meadville, PA

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