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Mystery Novel Reviews for Don LewisBefore reading these mystery novel reviews for Don Lewis, check out this photo of Don is pictured above with friend and fellow writer, the late Mickey Spillane, holding Don’s novel. (2006)

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Rizzo Reviews

Just finished “Rizzo.” Obviously the best you have written so far. There was never a dull moment. The setting was fantastic, and you gave each of the characters their own distinct personality, something that is difficult to do. In addition, the plots within the plots made the book very hard to put down. I found a great deal of humor when Sayers was described marching into the courtroom, and all that was missing was Orr piping him in. We have all met someone like that.
Just don’t let Rizzo go back to Pittsburgh. We need him up here.
Bill D., Erie, PA.

I finished the book and it was GREAT. Rizzo is my kind of man. Can’t wait for your next book.
Thanks for writing such a wonderful book.

I LOVED the book, “Rizzo.” No worries with this book, you nailed it. I was not able to put it down, read it in two nights.
Bonnie, Meadville, PA

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Kalup’s Crossroads Reviews

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed “Kalup’s Crossroads!” The fast pace of the story was great, and I liked Sonny! For me, this was your BEST!
Kathie Scopel, Myrtle Beach, SC

Regards the latest book which I have savored. You have penned a magnificent thriller of a novel which captivated me throughout. Based upon the struggles which I followed a few years ago between DEA and FBI in newspapers, and the development of characters which I so identified with, you had to encourage me to keep reading. Some of the action kept me breathless, helpless and brought tears of frustration to my eyes.
A great team of DEA and USAT gathered, and I cheered for the underdog. For a while I thought (name deleted) was the informant especially with the attack on (name deleted) as (name deleted) had all the info re: whereabouts.
The trial, a magnificent contest between a resourceful and capable, prosecutor and defense attorney had me on the edge of my seat. Great courtroom dialogue, and a no nonsence judge. Reminds me of the defense atty you must have been. And the judge ordered the prosecutor to “end it!”
Chapter 86, what a glorious finale: A powerful, emotional meeting with old friend (name deleted) describing (name deleted) strategy.
My kinda story. Bravisimo,
Milt Elder, Arlington, VA

I read your book. When I started, I couldn’t put it down! You have an amazing ability to tell a story and bring the characters and events to life. The subject matter made me sad. (I’m a “wimp” for pain and suffering, and want the world and everyone in it to be good and happy…). I, for one, couldn’t predict the ending. It was a total surprise.
I suspect you have many more stories to tell and will do it well.
Rose Ann Maloy, Hershey, PA

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Dark Covenant Reviews

I have been a reader my whole life, and while reading “Dark Covenant” I could not wait to get to the next page. This book was very interesting and drew me closer to the book with each new paragraph. Mr. Lewis is sincerely a talented writer, and I would be honored to purchase the books he has to come.
Lori Krall, Gibsonia, PA

I loved “Dark Covenant!” I read a lot and I have to say this book was up there with some of my favorites. The only thing I do not understand is why I don’t hear more buzz about your books. I read them out of order and I am almost halfway through “Satan’s Boots,” and so far it looks just as good. I look forward to the next book, and I think someone should put a fire under your publisher so I can see your name in print more.
Pat, Hilton Head, SC

I just finished Dark Covenant. I think you have another winner there! The torture murders were a little too grisly for my taste, but the plot and characters were great, and it was suspenseful to the end. I can see a filmmaker being interested. It would make a great movie. I personally enjoyed all the references to Pittsburgh and the suburbs.
A. Tripp, Gulfport, Mississippi

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Satan’s Boots Don’t Creak Reviews

It is your fault that my sleep schedule has been upset for the last week. I still remember all the fuss about maintaining a Holy Thursday vigil and you made me do it with JD, Max and Farm. It was like flying to Europe and landing at 7:00 AM. It sure was/is a page turner. I picked it up at bedtime thinking it would help me sleep – it was just the opposite.
Thank you for the insights into the criminal justice (& injustice) system. Like the underlying message of good guys are rewarded for good deeds and vise versa. Still do not know about those Philadelphia businessmen though.
David Lewis, Harrisburg, Pa.

I cannot believe this is a first book for this author! I found this book was bursting with suspense, I could not put it down. It had murder, action and romance, all in one! This book is a must read, I can’t wait for this author’s next book!
Carol Ann Werner Harris, Conneaut Lake, Pa.

Wanted to let you know I received the book the other day. Thank you for the nice inscription. I have read many including Nevada Barr, Greg Isles, etc. Looks like you may be giving Grisham a run for his money. GREAT book!!!!! The characters are all true to life, and keep you wondering if it can get any better; sure enough it does.
Couldn’t post a review on the website as I couldn’t figure it out. Will give it a try later.
Best wishes on your next one. Don’t stop. Now you’re on a roll.
Bill DePlatchett, Erie Pa.

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