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Bob Meinert is Arrested on Suspicion of Murder in Don Lewis’ novel, Dark Covenant

All the evidence points to Bob Meinert as the murderer of a young man who jilted Bob’s sister and caused her suicide. Bob admits that he’s not sorry that the scoundrel is dead, and insists he didn’t do the crime. But the DA has a solid case and Bob is jailed without bond.
But wait! The jurors who convicted a Pittsburgh Mafia boss are being mysteriously and systematically murdered, and the man that Bob is accused of murdering is one of those jurors. Could it be that the DA has the wrong man?
The real story here is the intricate plot that develops in the race to find the murderer before he/she runs out of jurors to murder. As with most serial killings, the investigators suspect a pattern, and with the help of a Catholic Priest, they link the killings to biblical writings that account for the sequence and the gruesome methods of death.
This is a real page-turner that will keep you glued to the story for the full 500 pages. I thought I had the culprit nailed in the first 100 pages or so, only to change my mind two or three times as I read on, and I didn’t get it right until the very end.
And keep your eye on Meinert. He’s not the “angel” he’s led us to believe he is.
The setting for this story is Pittsburgh, and the local place names and business names become an integral part of the story. That just added to the enjoyment I got from reading the book. One of the main characters ot the book was a graduate of Waynesburg College, my alma mater, and also the alma mater of the author, who, as you may have guessed, is a close friend of our own Bob Meinert.

Former county attorney releases Dark Covenant

By Jane Smith, Journalist
Staff Writer for the Meadville Tribune, Meadville, Pa.
November 17, 2006
Former Crawford County District Attorney Don Lewis has a new thriller, “Dark Covenant,” published, and for those who like a murder mystery with a lot of twists, this is the book to read. Lewis begins his story at a trial for a Pittsburgh mob “godfather.” After three days of deliberation, the jury returns the verdict amidst a courtroom filled with people, including his 11-year-old daughter, all of whom react loudly when the verdict is read. Nine years later, the daughter visits her father in prison as he prepares to die in the gas chamber — his appeals exhausted.

From there, the story turns its focus to another woman, who sat quietly in a dark room knowing the man was to die that day. However, the woman is not identified. Fast forward two more years and the murder mystery becomes unveiled. One by one, somebody is killing people. Although detectives try to find a pattern for when the murderer may strike, who will be killed and how, they can’t connect them. Then they get a call from someone who blurts out that the three murder victims all served with him on the jury. At first, detectives believe the deaths are coincidence, but the man convinces them otherwise and voices fear for his life.

Let me say, I read this book when Lewis lived here and gave me a manuscript of the draft. I loved it. But, quite frankly, that was a few years ago. I forgot who the murderer was. I disciplined myself this time not to go to the last chapter and cheat. I read it page by page and kept guessing who the murderer might be. Could it be the daughter? I didn’t think so, but then again, maybe it was.

As you read the story, those familiar with Crawford County law enforcement and people in the court system will recognize some names or descriptions that match somebody, but with a different name. To those of us who have been around a long time, that adds a little more interest to the story.

This novel is like none I have ever read as far as the plot goes. Where Lewis comes up with the ideas and the characters is interesting. He obviously has done a lot of homework to bring in the twists and turns before he reveals the killer and the motive. It has no resemblance to his first novel, except the writing is still excellent and the suspense keeps building until the end.

The paperback is only 357 pages long and is a quick read for those who enjoy a good mystery — and a good insight into how police work evolves.

If you don’t like to read, but know somebody who does, I recommend buying the book as a special gift. It is available locally at Tattered Corners on Chestnut Street, where Lewis is planning a book signing in December.

Reader Reviews
As one who truly loves to read, I enjoyed both of Mr. Lewis’s books. I had a hard time putting them down until I was finished with each one. I am really looking forward to the next one!
Charles Mitchell, Pittsburgh, PA

Enjoyed “Satan’s Boots,” especially the characters JD and Max, who are great friends and buddies. It’s not only an exciting murder investigation, it also probes the “good-old- boys” of our present day public and criminal society, which we see, hear and read today. Throughout the book, I thought many times I knew the killer; however, realizing I was wrong, I had to read on. I needed to find the answer! And finally at the end, I was surprised. Great story!
Sal Acampora, Bristol, CT

I am anxiously awaiting your third book, “Kalup’s Crossroads.” Will it be released soon? I would like to purchase it directly from you as soon as it is available along with one of the little book markers with the synopsis on it.
Your book, “Satan’s Boots Don’t Creak” was excellent. As I told you, I could not believe it was your first book ever. Then I read “Dark Covenant” and it totally blew me away! I was in suspense the entire time, I could not put the book down. I am anxiously awaiting your next book.
Carol Ann Werner Harris, New Castle, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Lewis,
Hopefully you remember speaking with your fellow former Pennsylvanian this past weekend at the SC Book Festival. We spoke about Mercer County judges John Stranahan and Mike Wherry just to jog your memory. In any event, I promised I would drop you a note after reading your book. I am totally pissed at you — I was so tired at work today as I couldn’t put your book down…it was great. A gritty, true to life portrayal of cops and PI(s) peppered with a little romance and nail biting suspense…and of course an obvious devotion to our Pittsburgh Steelers and my beloved Pittsburgh. You sir, are a great writer and I think you just may have the makings of a movie with the Dark Covenant. Best wishes.
Deborah Johnson, Travelers Rest, SC

I read Dark Covenant over a short weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. At some point during my reading I forgot it was you that I was reading and had given myself up to the story. I couldn’t put it down, and incurred a few impatient comments from my wife as she waited for me to “just finish this part.” I had it figured out at least three separate times, but of course was wrong until the end. Kept me guessing and moved very quickly.
I’m ready for the next one.
John Eroszonak, Myrtle Beach, SC

We just returned from a vacation in Florida. While there, Ann and I both read your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’d like to send a copy to a friend of ours. Without having to check back, please refresh my memory about the cost and I will get a check off to you in the mail with the name and address where the book is to be sent.
Bob Gaertner, Pittsburgh, PA

Just finished Dark Covenant. It was really, really, really good! I read enough mysteries that I am not usually suprised but, you got me! Well done.
Bege Martin, Denver, Colorado

After being gone from my beloved North Side, Pittsburgh for 40 years, I returned through your book, Dark Covenant. You placed me in Jake Steele’s “night office” with Gene, Gabe, Bones and Tommy; with the Pittsburgh Police stake out units and tours of Sharpsburg and Spring Garden. Your second novel kept me intrigued and hooked to the point that it took less than 2 days to read. Your book is a “must read” for all Pittsburgher’s – both ex and present and all Mickey Spillane fans. I look forward to your next novel with great anticipation.
Jack Pivirotto, Sun City West, Arizona

Hi Mr. Lewis,
I finished Dark Covenant last night around midnight. Have to tell you it was the most captivating book I’ve read in the past few months. Was difficult putting it down and even kept it at my desk so I could sneak a few pages in from time to time. Can’t wait to receive Satan’s Boots in the mail!
Ginger Pitts, Sarasota, Florida

Well Done!!! Dark Covenant certainly keeps your attention. The many unique characters and individuals, from the District Attorney to Boyd, are all typical of the law enforcement community. Each brings something new to the tale that is woven so well. And then there is Jake; we should have more like him. All along I thought it was (deleted) who had committed these heinous crimes. Wrong again… Fantastic writing! You must have some Scottish blood running through you. Looking forward to your next book.
Bill D.

Got the book on Friday night. It was outstanding. When is the next one? You need to write them quicker. I didn’t figure it out until Chapter 78 but wasn’t confirmed until Chapter 83. Nice work. Na, I don’t look ahead as it ruins everything. In all the years I’ve known you and how good you were, I never dreamed that you had something like this tucked inside ya. It is special knowing someone that has such outstanding abilities.
Enjoy the sunshine and keep on a writing….. please.
Larry Silvis, Mercer, PA

I just finished this book, and you had asked me to let you know which one I liked the best. First, I would like to make it cleat that I loved both of them, and being such different stories they are hard to compare.
That being said, I believe Dark Covenant held my attention more with it’s interesting and twisting plot. I think that, along with the “gore”, would make a better movie. It did take awhile for me to remember who was who, with all the many characters, but that’s just me.
I really like the short chapter concept, as it makes it harder to put it down, and you did a great job using this tool, not unlike Dan Brown, whose writing style and books I also like.
So, if forced to pick, I think Dark Covenant has a slight edge over Satan’s Boots in terms of my personal interest. Both, however, are well written, very compelling and deserve whatever rewards you reap from them.
Nice work,
Wayne Carberry, Pennsylvania
READERS BEWARE – Don Lewis’ latest book Dark Covenant is a true sleep-stealer – I just couldn’t put it down until I read the next chapter, and the next chapter after that and the next chapter, etc., etc., etc. And mystery books are not my genre.
The story is exciting throughout. The characters are believable and real. The reader can’t wait to see what’s waiting around the corner for them and him.
Don Lewis, although formerly a successful prosecutor and later defense attorney par excellence in Meadville, PA,, should have commenced his current career ten years earlier. Keep ’em coming, Don.
W. F. Peters

It was a very good read; the best. It has the makings of an excellent movie plot. My wife, through deduction, established two characters as the guilty person or persons. She was wrong on both. Difficult to put down once into it. Your descriptions of the area and the characters (especially “Bones”) were very, very, well done. You are Blessed.
Jerry Bonaroti, Pittsburgh

As an avid “mystery who-done-it” reader, I can highly recommend Dark Covenant. With this book, there is no skipping over sentences or paragraphs……I hung on every word. Plus, it was so very touching to read of things and people familiar. I understood their lives and I knew the characters, or people just like them. As a life-long professional in the criminal justice system, I can tell you that this writer knows law enforcement, the court, and the people who come into contact with it — both the good and bad.
Well done, Don I can hardly wait for the next one!!
Laura Walls, Black Mountain, NC

Really enjoyed your novel. Keep up the great work. How about a list of your previous books, and any new work.
Bob Brayer

I finished reading Dark Covenant and want to tell you what a great book it was. I thought the plot was interesting and mysterious. When I thought I had it figured out, I was proven wrong. The suspense had me guessing throughout the book. And I would not have guessed it would end like it did.
It was very well written and a tough book to put down. I read and enjoyed Mr. Lewis’s first book and I look forward to reading his third book.
Carol Crumling

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