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“I usually don’t read this kind of book, but was interested from the start.  A great plot and very well written.  A lot of action, not drawn out.  A great read!”  Vicki G – Myrtle Beach, SC


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“This book is an awesome read and holds the reader very well with an unbiased opinion on the events.  Thank you Don for the read!”  Carol K – Myrtle Beach, SC

Professional Review – “The Border Incident”


By Jane Smith

Special to The Meadville Tribune, Meadville, PA


“The Border Incident” is another top thriller by former county district attorney.

“The Border Incident,” the latest novel by Don Lewis, is full of twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing right up to the end.

Lewis, a former Crawford County District Attorney, takes his story to the Mexican Border where three American Border Patrol agents, acting on a tip from an informant, lie waiting in the dark along the Rio Grande River for illegals to cross with a load of cocaine. The plan is to arrest them.

The plans go astray, however, when the agents are fired upon from across the border. The trio makes it back to safety and report to their superiors. Under questioning, the agents deny returning fire. Their superiors send a team to the scene to investigate, and instead of a barren riverside, they find the body of a middle-aged Hispanic woman. Ballistics tests later show that she was killed by a bullet from one of the agent’s guns.

Despite the fact that all three agents deny having shot their weapons that night, the evidence shows otherwise and an investigation is begun on whether or not the agents should be extradited to Mexico for trial.

In the meantime, a local newspaper reports an investigation is being conducted implying a connection between politicians in the state of Texas and members of the largest Mexican drug cartel.

Lewis soon captures the reader’s interest as he questions who the leak is that is feeding information to the newspaper.

The head of the Texas Crime Commission, who is leading the investigation, is outraged, as are other prominent government officials.

At a news conference, the allegations are vehemently denied. Subsequent meetings between many agencies show the reality of disputes between local, state, and federal agencies over which one has jurisdiction over the matter.

Border Patrol agents are federal employees – not state employees – and the federal agencies want jurisdiction for the investigation and prosecution.

However, citing some potential “conflict of interest” the decision is made to hire an outside prosecutor. Enter Sonny Kalup, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney in Florida who a year earlier had been acquitted of killing his wife.

For those who have read previous books by Lewis, Kalup is the name of a real person – from Crawford County. He is a former Navy SEAL and Vietnam War veteran.

After Leaving Crawford County, Lewis was a federal prosecutor in Florida, including drug smuggling cases.

Although Lewis has permission to use Kalup’s name, as well as that of the late John Holt, former head of the Crawford County Probation Department, the rest of the book is clear fiction, including Kalup’s actions.

Lewis writes with such flair that one can easily picture the setting – from detailing the pictures on the wall at the Texas Governor’s office to the integral parts of how the legal system works.

Upon arriving in Texas, Kalup meets with great resistance from the Texas governor, attorney general, and the FBI – planting the idea that one (if not all three) may be part of the “connection” between the drug cartel.

Despite their objections, Kalup is hired after a 9-3 vote. He brings a DEA agent, a homicide detective, his secretary, and a researcher with him as his staff, noting he is concerned about a potential leak.

His concerns were confirmed as the day after arriving in Texas, a newspaper report not only names those on his team, him but offers details about them and their purpose. Could the leak come from one of the three who objected to hiring Mr. Kalup? If so, why?

From there the action moves quickly as the investigation continues. As the questions remain over whether or not the agents should be extradited. The three agents continue to deny shooting their guns or seeing a woman at the site that night. Who shot the woman, where, and why?

As the action continues all three of the agents are placed in deadly peril. What follows is action that involves corruption among American government agents acting in concert with the Mexican Cartel that concludes with a surprise ending.

“The Border Incident” has many story lines and, as the investigation continues, many casualties are wounded and killed as deceit, disloyalty, and corruption abound on both sides of the border, causing Kalup to question his ability to find his way out of the dilemma.

Lewis writes with such great detail, including the realistic conversations between all those involved in the story – be it an attorney, police officer, or one of the bad guys. His writing is easy to read and understand, despite the many twists he takes to tell the story, one of which involving a special operation by a collection of former Army Special Forces operators, and Navy SEALs.

As a reader, you find the story very intriguing. Is one of the government officials involved with the drug cartel? Are any of the border patrol agents shady?

The clue to discovering the truth is even more surprising, as Lewis details some obscure facts that the average reader might well overlook.

“The Border Incident” promises the reader a great mystery and a quick read — full of politics and mystery — along with the great everyday conversations between law enforcement officials, all of which makes the story so believable.

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