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Hi, I’m Mystery Writer Don Lewis. I spent over 31 years of my life as a criminal trial lawyer, trying hundreds of jury trials. I tried everything from major drug smuggling cases in federal court, to over 60 homicide cases in state court. As a prosecutor for 17 years, and the elected district attorney of my county, I had the privilege of working closely with city and state police as well as with federal agents.

I also prosecuted cases in a number of state courts in Pennsylvania as a Special Prosecutor appointed by the State Attorney General, and as an Assistant United States Attorney in Tampa, Florida. As a defense attorney for 14 years I embraced the challenge of defending the rights of the accused. I worked hard at both jobs and enjoyed a good reputation in my profession. After all that, I decided to leave the excitement of the courtroom for the more tranquil environment of a desk in my home as Mystery Writer Don Lewis.

Using my experiences as a criminal trial attorney, I decided to craft what others are calling interesting and compelling crime novels. I’m very flattered by the response my books have been getting, and by the number of emails I receive from so many of you telling me how much you enjoy my writing. So, if you have a moment, please browse through my website. We’ve made available sample chapters of all my books, including my most recent, The Border Incident.

The Border Incident, my fifth novel and the second Sonny Kalup mystery, deals with a fictional incident that takes place in Texas along the border with Mexico. When Mexico complains that one of three U.S. Border Patrol Agents fired across the border and killed a Mexican Border patrol Agent, Sonny is asked by the Governor of Texas to leave Florida to accept a position as a Special Prosecutor to investigate the evidence offered by Mexico to sustain their request for the extradition of all three of the American Agents.

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FourThe Border Incident: A Sonny Kalup Crime Novel

Free! Read 3 chapters of The Border Incident

As a consequence of the events set forth in my first Kalup novel, Kalup’s Crossroads, Sonny, a former Navy SEAL, DEA Agent, and Assistant U.S. Attorney, left the U.S. Attorney’s Office and went into private practice.

The story begins when he receives a call from the Governor of Texas telling him of the incident and that the Mexican government claims that one of their border patrol agents was killed by an American Border Patrol Agent firing across the border and that Mexico demands the extradition of the three American Border Agents involved.

Because of the possibility of a conflict of interest, Sonny is asked to come to Texas to act as a Special Prosecutor/Investigator on the case. Sonny accepts and takes his team to Texas where he is confronted with much more than he anticipated.

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Rizzocover160Rizzo: A Nathan Rizzo Mystery

Free! Read 5 chapters of Rizzo.

Nathan Rizzo, a retired Pittsburgh Homicide Detective, recently widowed, needs something to get his life started again.  He finds it in an offer to become the Chief of Police in a small town in Northcentral Pennsylvania.  Expecting the job to be essentially stress-free, Rizzo and his small town are suddenly confronted with a number of brutal murders, all seemingly committed by the same person, yet without clues to connect the victims and no evidence pointing to a suspect.  Working his way through the trail of blood, brutality and old buried psychological scars, Rizzo’s experience and focus are severely tested and leave him wondering if he should return to the calmer, less taxing job of a Pittsburgh Homicide Detective.

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Kalups160x240Kalup’s Crossroads: A Sonny Kalup Mystery

Free! Read 7 chapters of Kalup’s Crossroads.

Sonny Kalup, former DEA Agent turned Assistant US Attorney in Tampa, Florida, becomes involved in a complicated and important drug smuggling case and ends up in the middle of a titanic struggle between the DEA and the FBI over jurisdiction in the case. Sonny’s life reaches a crossroads when a homicide is committed in his home and he is charged with premeditated murder.  He hires Louis Ingram, a high profile criminal defense attorney from Miami.  The war is on as the pages of this novel, as seen through the eyes of Sonny and DEA Agent Tracy McBain, spin a tale of courtroom drama as well as murder, deceit, corruption, betrayal, mystery and suspense, to a startling conclusion.

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satan160x240Satan’s Boots Don’t Creak

Free! Read 5 chapters of Satan’s Boots Don’t Creak.

JD Banks, a highly respected defense attorney in Manchester, Pennsylvania agrees to defend the case of a man accused of murdering his wife. Believing in the innocence of his client despite the mounting evidence against him, Banks knows intuitively that the facts don’t add up and that nothing is as it seems. When Banks gets too close to the truth, roadblocks set up by a police department rife with corruption, mob warnings against continuing his investigation, a suicide, and two more murders all frustrate the search for the truth. The most baffling case of Banks’ career takes a serpentine course through plots and sub-plots, riddles, and an explosive trial to a shocking conclusion.

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dark-covenant-mystery-novelDark Covenant

Free! Read 5 chapters of Dark Covenant.

Jury duty is the solemn responsibility of every citizen.  Juries are the rock of the Criminal Justice system and provide the individual an opportunity not only to support and benefit from that system, but to participate in it as well.  It was never intended, however, that the jury become its victim.  This tense fictional story follows Jake Steele, a private investigator, and Mel Tripp, a Pittsburgh Homicide Detective, through a complicated and dangerous investigation that changes the lives of both men forever.

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